Joe Gallaher Finally Reaches the Top as Gallaher Racing Places 1-2



After a frustrating span of a year and a half without reaching victory lane, veteran racer Joe Gallaher is back on top. Joe had come close on numerous occasions throughout the early portion of the season, but late race issues always seemed to derail his hopes. That all changed Friday night.


The night started off with Rob Gallaher starting 3rd in the first heat, while Joe started on the pole for the 2nd heat. At the start of his heat race, Rob made it 3-wide for the lead in the first turn. Rob couldn’t get the drive off the turn to make the pass stick and fell back to 3rd. With 3 to go, Rob would pass Bobby Huckaby Jr for 2nd, and would go on to finish there.


Joe’s heat was much more of a breeze. After starting on the pole, Joe would lead all 8 laps to win by a healthy margin over Wally Kennedy, the driver he’s been battling for 2nd in points.


For the feature, Joe would roll off 3rd, while Rob had start last in 11th after winning the previous race. While Joe fell to 4th on the opening lap, Rob quickly passed two cars to take 9th.


Just 2 laps later, Joe would make a big move on the inside to pass both 2nd and 3rd, with a caution quickly waving after as the 3rd place car went around. For the restart, Joe would restart 2nd, while Rob had moved into 7th.


On the restart Rob was on the move, taking 6th and 5th in quick succession. All the while, Joe was all over race leader Bobby Huckaby Jr for the top spot. 2 short laps later, Rob was once again moving forward, this time claiming 4th.


After 6 laps of trailing, Joe finally took the lead on lap 7, using a big run on the high side to motor past Huckaby. Just after crossing the line as the leader, the 2nd and final caution of the race waved.


As he had done all night, Rob made quick work of his competition and swiped 3rd on the restart. While Rob began to work on Huckaby for 2nd, Joe began to pull away.


Once Rob took 2nd, he did everything he could to reel in Joe, but he just couldn’t find the speed as Joe finally overcame all the bad luck from the early portion of the season to find victory lane. Rob would ultimately finish 2nd to complete a stellar night of racing for Gallaher Racing.


Gallaher Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters, including:

Gallaher Company

1 Hour Drain

Tire Time

Express Car Wash

Yeti Coolers


Snap On

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Rob Gallaher Posts 2nd Consecutive Win, Joe Gallaher Loses Top 3 Run Late



We’re just 6 races into the 2019 season for Gallaher Racing, and Rob Gallaher is staking his claim atop the Ocean Speedway Hobby Stock division. While his father Joe has followed close behind, the San Jose native has claimed 4 wins in his first 6 starts, heading into the 3rd weekend of June with a commanding 31 point lead over Joe.


Joe has been in a rather close points battle of his own, with just 10 points separating he and Wally Kennedy for the runner up spot in the standings. If not for a few late mishaps, Joe would be right there challenging for the points lead.


Friday night kicked off at Ocean Speedway with heat race action, slotting Rob to start 4th in the first heat, while Joe sat on the pole for heat two. Over the course of his 8 lap heat race, Rob was only able to pass two cars and settle for 2nd after winning a close battle with Nick Triolo in the closing laps of the race.


Joe’s heat was far less competitive. Joe would lead all 8 laps from the pole to win by nearly a quarter of a lap when it was all said and done. Since Rob had won the previous race, he would have to start 8th in the feature (Though a car dropping back would move him to 6th), while the invert had Joe starting 3rd.


Three laps into the race, the first caution would wave as Joe and DJ Keldsen got together and looped around in Turn 2. The incident would force Joe to restart 7th, while Rob was moved up to 3rd thanks to those two restarting in the rear.


On the ensuing restart, 2 cars would get together to bring out another yellow, which moved Joe up two spots into 5th. Just after Rob finally cleared Jerry Skelton for 2nd, another mid race caution waved to bunch up the field.


Once the race got back underway, Joe was also able to pass Skelton for 3rd, as both Gallaher Racing cars began hounding race leader Nick Triolo for the top spot. With just a few laps left, Rob used a strong run on the high side to pull a quick dive under Triolo for the lead. Joe would attempt to follow suit, but with just 4 laps left, he would spin, taking himself out of contention.


As the final laps clicked off, Rob would be able to hold off a hard charging Triolo to pick up yet another victory. After his spin, Joe was only able to climb back up to 6th, falling just short in a drag race to the finish line for 5th.


Gallaher Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters, including:

Gallaher Company

1 Hour Drain

Tire Time

Express Car Wash

Yeti Coolers


Snap On

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Gallaher Racing Sweeps Top 2 Spots at Ocean Speedway



Through the first 5 events of the season, it’s beginning to look like a two horse race for the Ocean Speedway Hobby Stock championship, as the father and son team of Joe and Robert Gallaher have begun to distance themselves from the rest of the field. One of this season’s more pleasant surprises so far has been the improvement of the elder Gallaher, Joe, who has put a rough 2018 behind him with a strong start to the 2019 campaign.


Joe has been impressive to say the least, posting 3 Top 5’s in his first 5 starts. The lone 2 finishes outside the Top 5 were both no fault of his own, as he suffered tire failures to take him out of contention. Friday night, Joe again looked to have a shot at the win, but one mistake on a late race restart would shuffle him back to 3rd.


Friday night started off with both Gallaher Racing cars in the 1st of the division’s 2 heat races, with Rob starting 3rd and Joe starting 7th. Joe was noticeably fast from the start, moving up 3 spots to 4th behind Rob in the first 2 laps. Both drivers would move up another spot a lap later to take 2nd and 3rd respectively. Though Joe was able to reel in Rob with 3 to go, he wouldn’t be able to complete the pass, as Rob and Joe finished 2nd and 3rd.


For the feature, Rob would roll off 3rd, while Joe started 5th. After the initial start was called back, Rob would be moved up to the front row for the next attempt. Rob would briefly hold the lead for the first lap, but a big shove up the track allowed DJ Keldsen to move to his inside and take the lead.


While Rob had his hands full with Keldsen, Joe had moved into 3rd in the opening 2 laps, and was quickly pulling in the Top 2. After a lap 4 caution, Joe used this opportunity to pull to the inside of Rob to challenge for 2nd. The two would remain side by side for the next 4 laps, before Joe was finally able to clear Rob and set his sights on Keldsen.


Though Joe was running quicker lap times than the leader, he just couldn’t find a way around until another caution waved with 8 to go. On the restart, however, Joe slightly over drove the first turn, dropping him back to 6th as a result. Meanwhile up front, Rob found his way around Keldsen for the lead with 6 to go. While Rob did all he could to hold off Keldsen, Joe had quickly sliced his way back up to 3rd.


Joe was able to get back to the bumper of the front 2 drivers but just ran out of time, as Rob picked up his 3rd win of the season to extend his points lead over Joe.


After the race, Rob had this to say: “The last restart helped me big time, because Keldsen and my dad had started to pull away a little, causing me to panic and over drive the car a bit. I wasn’t the fastest car on the track, (Joe was putting down laps 2/10ths faster than my car) but I was able to get In to the right lane at the right time and block a hard charging Keldsen. I felt him a few times but knew he would have to wreck me or go on the outside of me to beat me. I knew if I could just stay down on the bottom I would be able to fend him off until the checkers came out.”


Gallaher Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters, including:
Gallaher Company
1 Hour Drain
Tire Time
Express Car Wash
Yeti Coolers
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Rob Gallaher Claims First Win of 2019 / Joe Gallaher Recovers From Late Problems to Salvage 4th



Entering the season, Gallaher Racing’s stated goal was to run for as many wins as possible. Friday night at Watsonville’s Ocean Speedway would provide the team’s first win of the season, but still left the team wondering what could have been.


The night as always started off with heat race action, with Joe and Rob Gallaher starting 2nd and 6th in the first 8 lap heat. At the drop of the green flag, Joe Gallaher took the lead, while Rob quickly moved to 4th on the opening lap. As Rob began working on DJ Keldsen for 3rd, Joe had his hands full with 2nd place runner Jerry Skelton.


As the laps ticked off, Joe started inching away. Behind him, Rob had settled into a 3 car battle for 2nd with Skelton and Keldsen, racing side by side with Keldsen for a couple laps before eventually completing the pass. Joe would go on to win the heat race by a comfortable margin, with Rob finishing 3rd.


The main event inversion would then line Rob up 2nd for the feature, while Joe would have to charge from 6th. Rob would use his front row starting position to immediately grab the lead as the race began. His father Joe wasn’t far behind, moving up to 3rd in the first 5 laps.


While the early portion of the race was littered with cautions, Rob maintained his steady pace up front. Under a lap 9 caution, 2nd place runner Jerry Skelton left the track, meaning Rob and Joe would be restarting 1st and 2nd. On the ensuing restart, Joe stayed right along side Rob, as the father and son duo raced side by side for a brief 2 laps before another caution waved.


This caution would bring an end to Joe’s chances at a win, as a flat tire forced him to restart 8th. While Rob would go on to easily win the main event, Joe was busy mounting a charge from the back. Though he ran out of laps, Joe was able to climb from 8th to 4th over the last few laps, settling for 4th as a consolation prize on a night where he very possibly could have won.


When asked about the night, Rob said “We tried something on the X car and it paid off but was very risky, we only weighed 3 pounds over the minimum. We will have to reassess that for next race and play it safer. Joe probably was better all around, he pulled up next to me for the lead, I got worried. If it wasn’t for his flat tire he might of won that race. Hopefully there is be many more 1-2 racing action for the Gallaher team this year. Both cars were fast!”


Gallaher Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters, including:
Gallaher Company
1 Hour Drain
Tire Time
Express Car Wash
Yeti Coolers
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Gallaher Racing Looks to go Above and Beyond 2018 Performance in 2019



The father and son team of Joe and Robert Gallaher comes into the 2019 racing season looking to once again pile on the wins and podium finishes. Gallaher Racing was a force to be reckoned with last year, claiming 7 wins and over 20 total Top 10’s before Robert had to bow out of the points hunt late in the season.


While his father Joe didn’t find the same success in 2018, the team made a move in the offseason to switch Joe from a Camaro, over to a new metric Medieval Chassis built to the Ocean Speedway rule specs. Robert himself had switched to a metric chassis this past season, and with the immediate success he found, the move to transition Joe over to a metric was a no brainer for the team.


Joe has already been to 1 practice session and 1 race with new car. The team was happy with the 30 or so laps they got in at Antioch last week, which lead to hauling the car down to the KCRP dirt track this past Friday for some racing action. While the car felt extremely competitive, the team’s main goal was to just get some solid laps in, so Joe held back throughout the race to avoid any unnecessary repairs.


Though Joe has only run roughly 60 laps on the new chassis, he is already raving about the improved handling, saying “the new car is much smoother and more obedient to drive. It’s not a arm wrestling match like my old car, she turns much easier” and “smooth is fast”. When asked if he was happy about the change, Joe answered ““I will be happier if the better results are there this next year compared to last year.”


Though last year brought a bit of a learning curve with the new style of chassis, Robert Gallaher is confident that the team’s speed and consistency will be much better out the gate in 2019. “We learned so much last year on the metric chassis’ setup and I know this year we will be much faster and more consistent right out of the gate. I learned some things the hard way in 2018 that Joe won’t have to learn thus hopefully speeding up his learning curve on the metric chassis. We have a firmer grasp on the setup this time around and it will show from Night 1. My car will be the same as we finished the Pat Pettit with a huge win and second place with the best field in Northern California minus some improvements we made for consistency and reliability. We made changes for the Petit to test for 2019 and they worked, moving forward we are better, faster and smoother. It will be tough to beat us every week.” commented Robert.


The team’s main goals for this season are to pick up as many main event victories as possible, and hopefully couple those with 2 solid points finishes. If Gallaher Racing has anywhere near the speed they had in 2018, this should be an easily obtainable goal.


Gallaher Racing is set to make their season debut at Ocean Speedway this Friday night, weather permitting.


Gallaher Racing would like to thank all of their sponsors and supporters, including:
Gallaher Company
1 Hour Drain
Tire Time
Express Car Wash
Yeti Coolers
Snap On
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Kile Takes Track Title at Ocean to Cap Off Successful 2018



After 4 year absence from full-time racing, San Jose native Matt Kile returned with a vengeance in 2018. The last time Kile had attempted a full season of racing was back in 2013 with an IMCA Sport Mod, and had since raced sporadically at various tracks across the state.


Though he hadn’t raced much in recent years, Kile returned to Ocean Speedway with high expectations, with his main goal being winning the track’s American Stock championship. Early in the season, you could see Kile was going to be a contender.


Kile would pick up his first win just 3 races into the season. Kile continued to win once every 3 weeks until he picked up his 4th win 11 races in to break the streak. Kile’s 5th and final win would come at one of the biggest races of the year, at the Johnny Key Classic in late August. Even when he wasn’t winning, Kile was impressively consistent, only finishing outside the Top 5 once all season. Kile’s 20 for 21 Top 5 rate would easily be the highest at the speedway in 2018.


Kile’s biggest challenge for the title would be 2 time defending champ Robert Gallaher. The two drivers stayed neck and neck for the championship for majority of the season, often only separated by only 10 points or less. While Kile began to pull away in the later months, Gallaher was forced to bow out of the title hunt with a few weeks left, all but ensuring Kile the track title.


When asked about his highly successful season, Matt said “In my first full year back, my intention all along was to win the track championship, and I’m very proud of my crew and myself for being able to run with the best drivers and equipment out there and come out on top.”


Season Stats:

Starts: 21

Wins: 5

Top 5’s: 20

Top 10’s: 21

Best Finish: 1st (5 times)

Worst Finish: 8th


Ocean Speedway:

March 30th: 3rd

April 13th: 8th

April 20th: 1st

April 27th: 4th

May 11th: 2nd

May 18th: 1st

June 1st: 3rd

June 8th: 3rd

June 15th: 1st

July 6th: 5th

July 13th: 1st

July 20th: 3rd

July 27th: 5th

August 4th (Mike Cecil Memorial): 4th

August 10th: 3rd

August 17th: 3rd

August 25th (Johnny Key Classic): 1st

September 7th: 3rd

September 21st: 2nd

September 28th (Pat & Jim Pettit Shootout): 3rd

September 29th (Pat & Jim Pettit Shootout): 4th

October 5th: 2nd


Matt would like to thank all of his sponsors and supporters, including:

South Bay Driveline

Jennings Construction

Mead Performance

Boardroom Racing

Auto Solutions

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Hughes Caps Off Career Season With Merced Track Title



While Darrell Hughes has spent the past few seasons proving to be a serious contender wherever he raced, the Manteca native took it to a whole new level in 2018. The 3rd generation talent stayed closer to home this past season, dominating most of the season at Merced Speedway en route to his first track title.


To say Hughes had the competition covered all season at his home track may be an understatement. Aside from one DNF early in the season, Hughes never finished outside the Top 5 at Merced all season. Hughes made his big push to take the track championship late in the season, winning five of the last seven races, including both the Timmy Post Memorial and the Tribute to Ed Parker, to amass an insurmountable point lead over the last 2 months of the season.


Though it wasn’t as successful of a trip as the team would have liked, Hughes credits the long haul to Arizona for the Arizona Modified Tour in Mid-February as big reason for the team’s jump in performance. The differences showed the few times Hughes travelled in 2018. Hughes excelled at one track in particular in his 2018 travels, Southern Oregon Speedway. After a Top 5 run at the track’s speedweek race in late June, Hughes returned in September for the 2nd annual R Charles Snyder Salute. The team looked like a contender all weekend, eventually falling just short to Bobby Hogge IV and earning a nice $2,500 payday for his effort.


Like many modified drivers in the region, Hughes capped off his season at the annual Duel in the Desert in Las Vegas. This year’s Duel was Hughes’s finest showing yet. Hughes made the preliminary features on both of the first 2 nights, highlighted by a heat race win and Top 10 on night 1. On the final day, Hughes would have to win his LCQ to make the big show, but would ultimately miss the transfer by just two spots, ending his weekend and season.


When asked about 2018 and his plans for 2019, Darrell said: “Hopefully we can get some help with tires and fuel so we can make it to the Arizona mod tour next month. I think a lot of our success in 2018 can be accredited to some stuff that we learned last February at Cocopah speedway.”


Season Stats:

Starts: 23

Wins: 5

Top 5’s: 15

Top 10’s: 17

Best Finish: 1st (5 times)

Worst Finish: 25th


Cocopah Speedway:

February 16th: 11th in B Main

February 17th: 19th


Merced Speedway:

April 14th (Tribute to Bill Egleston) : 3rd

April 28th: 16th

May 5th (Ted Stofle Classic): 2nd

May 19th: 5th

June 6th: 3rd

June 30th (Timmy Post Memorial) : 1st

July 7th: 2nd

July 21st: 4th

August 18th (Tribute to Ed Parker) : 1st

August 25th: 1st

September 15th: 1st

September 22nd  (Championship Night) : 1st

October 5th: 5th


Southern Oregon Speedway:

June 23rd (Wild West Speedweek) : 4th

September 2nd (R Charles Snyder Salute) : 2nd


Siskiyou Motor Speedway:

June 22nd (Wild West Speedweek) : 12th


Coos Bay Speedway:

June 24th (Wild West Speedweek) : 18th


Ocean Speedway:

August 4th (Cecil Memorial) : DNF

Seotember 28th (Pat and Jim Pettit Shootout) : 5th

September 29th (Pat and Jim Pettit Shootout) : 10th


Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt Track:

Duel Recap:

Night 1: Won heat, finished 9th in the feature.

Night 2: Came from the B main and finished 25th after starting 28th

Night 3: Finished 3rd in LCQ, missing transfer by two spots


Darrell would like to thank all of his sponsors and supporters, including:


Wife and Kids

Mike Enos

Gabby Knaus

Mike Degroot
California Materials,Aggregates and Trucking
HRT shock service
All Pro Coatings
Degroot Construction
Icon Pistons

Victory Circle Chassis
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Brown Wraps up Action Packed 2018



With the 2018 season finished, 3rd generation Sport Mod racer Keith Brown Jr continued his outlaw style schedule, racing at 14 different tracks across his 23 starts on the year. The Pittsburg native travelled to 4 different states in 2018, collecting Top 5’s in 3 of the 4 states, while winning in both California and Oregon.


Brown’s two wins came over the span of 3 days in late June while following the Wild West Modified Shootout, picking up victories at both Yreka’s Siskiyou Motor Speedway and Coos Bay Speedway. The race at Yreka was a particularly exciting one, as he battled with local driver Matt Sanders for the entirety of the 20 lap feature, eventually holding off Sanders in a drag race to the finish line.


The Coos Bay event was interesting to say the least, as the 3 Sport Mods who made the trip up were combined with the local Sportsman Late Model class for the night. From the drop of the green flag in the heat race it quickly became apparent that Brown was easily the class of the field. Brown would lead every lap of his heat race, trophy dash, and main event for a clean sweep of the evening.


For Brown, the majority of his success in 2018 came when he travelled North, as all of his Top 5’s came North of the California state capitol. That isn’t saying the Brown didn’t do well running down South, however, as he picked up multiple Top 10’s at the two Bakersfield area tracks against some of the toughest local racers in the state.


In addition to racing all across the West Coast, Brown also made successful appearances at the two biggest Sport Mod races in the country: the IMCA Supernationals in Boone, Iowa, and the Duel in the Desert in Las Vegas. Though night one at the Supernationals was rough for Brown, he rebounded on the 2nd night with a heat race win that automatically locked him into the night’s preliminary main, with a chance to lock into the big show. Brown was running up front before a driver spun in front of him, causing him to make contact and lead to a black flag for questionable driving. The last chance qualifiers would be rained out on the final night to end Brown’s chances of making the race.


The Duel in the Desert was a much more successful trip for Brown. Despite having to transfer from the B Main, Brown would take home a solid 15th on the opening night. Just like Boone, Brown would win his heat race on Night 2. Brown was running in the Top 10 before he was spun from behind. Brown would spend the rest of the race charging from 30th to again finish 15th. Since he was unable to lock himself in the feature the first two nights, Brown would be forced to run a last chance qualifier to have one last shot at making the Duel. Unfortunately Brown’s weekend would come to an end early in the LCQ after contact with another driver. Brown had been running 3rd, just one spot out of the final transfer spot.


When asked about his opinion on the 2018 season, Brown said: “In 2018 we did a lot of testing ending the year with a really fast racecar, looking forward to a very successful 2019.”


Keith would like to thank all of his sponsors and supporters, including:

Steel City Motorsports

JGE Motorsports

HRT Shock Service

Engine Quest

Little J’s Burgers

Performance Bodies

89 Designs

Competition Carburetors

Tire Demon by Love Tap .

Special thanks to
My wife Amber, my dad Keith Brown Sr., Tim Barlow, Jason Jennings, Marty Burdine, Brent Curran, Brandon Baughman, Austin Brown, Conner England and Sean Wilson.


Season Stats:

Starts: 23

Wins: 2

Top 5’s: 4

Top 10’s: 14

Best Finish: 1st (Twice)

Worst Finish 22nd (Bakersfield)


Silver Dollar Speedway:

May 5th: 13th

June 8th: 3rd

July 4th: 6th


Marysville Raceway:

June 9th: 10th

July 3rd: 10th


Kern County Raceway Park:

July 13th: 10th


Bakersfield Speedway:

May 26th: 22nd

July 14th: 9th


Santa Maria Raceway:

May 26th: DNS


Ocean Speedway:

September 29th: 13th


American Valley Speedway:

May 5th: 7th

July 28th: 7th

July 29th: 10th


Placerville Speedway:

May 19th: 6th


Siskiyou Motor Speedway:

June 16th: 8th

June 22nd: 1st


Southern Oregon Speedway:

June 23rd: 18th


Coos Bay Speedway:

June 24th: 1st


Boone Speedway:

IMCA Super Nationals:

Heat Race Win, Running up front in qualifier before incidental contact. Last Chance races on final night rained out


Las Vegas Dirt Track:

Duel in the Desert:

Night 1: Transferred from B Main to finish 15th

Night 2: Won heat, running 7th before getting spun, finished 15th

Night 3: Wrecked while running in 3rd in LCQ to end weekend


Fernley 95A Speedway:

July 21st: 2nd
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Sieweke Looks to Carry Late Season Momentum Into 2019


Despite a short season in 2018, Santa Rosa wheelman Chris Sieweke heads into 2019 with plenty of reasons for optimism. The veteran driver enjoyed a breakout performance over the last 3 months of the season, picking up 3 wins in his last 7 starts.

Looking at Sieweke’s season from a statistical perspective doesn’t do justice to just how consistent Sieweke was during 2018. While it’s true that Sieweke finished outside the Top 5 8 times across his 14 starts this year, the numbers won’t tell you that 6 of those races he didn’t finish due to either an incident, or a mechanical failure.

Most will say that a 14th place finish isn’t something to be proud of, but just making the Pat and Jim Pettit Memorial feature was a huge accomplishment for Sieweke. Sieweke was able to hold his own against 50 of the West Coast’s best Modified drivers all weekend long, an impressive feat for just about anyone.

The biggest story for Sieweke would easily be his late season success. Chris took home 3 wins at 3 separate race tracks from August to October. While the wins at Petaluma and Watsonville’s Ocean Speedway were certainly impressive, his biggest win of the season would be the Fall Brawl at Antioch Speedway. Against a full field of stout Sport Mods, Sieweke pulled off the unexpected win, easily one of the biggest of his career.

Even though he runs on a shoestring budget and doesn’t have any sponsors besides his father Mike Karinen, Sieweke managed to put together the best season of his career, and has given people plenty to talk about as we get closer to the 2019 race season. While it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to repeat this performance next year, there’s no doubt that he has firmly entrenched himself as a contender each and every night out.

Season Stats:

Starts: 16

Wins: 3 (At 3 different tracks)

Top 5’s: 8

Top 10’s: 12

Best Finish: 1st (3 Times)

Worst Finish: 14th (Pat and Jim Pettit Shootout)


April 21st: 9th
May 12th: 5th
May 19th: 8th
June 16th: 9th
August 11th: 1st
September 3rd: 11th


May 5th: 8th
June 30th: 13th (Sport Mod)
July 21st: 4th
August 25th: 2nd (Sport Mod)
October 13th: 1st (Sport Mod)


September 21st: 1st
September 29th: 14th (Pat and Jim Pettit Shootout)


June 2nd: 3rd
July 28th: 3rd


September 22nd: 13th

Cooper Takes Chico Title After Dominant Season



Despite a laid back schedule this year, Yuba City’s Brian Cooper showed that he hadn’t lost a step after a nearly perfect season. When you look at Cooper’s stats this year, one big thing stands out. In the 20 races he ran this year, Cooper only finished worse than 3rd three times, all of which were races he didn’t complete due to an incident.


Cooper’s biggest accomplishment in 2018 had to be his domination at Chico’s Silver Dollar Speedway on his way to the Sport Mod track championship. Cooper collected 4 wins at the track, as well as 11 finishes of 3rd or better in 12 starts. Cooper firmly entrenched himself as the favorite early, with unmatchable consistency giving him a commanding points lead by early June. From there, Cooper didn’t let off the gas pedal, winning 3 of the last 6 races to clinch the track title. The title was his first at the famous Northern California track, while he has also won 1 track title at Placerville Speedway, and 3 at Marysville Raceway.


Though Cooper didn’t race nearly as much in 2018, he still continued to travel across the state and even into Oregon. Cooper’s lone trip to Oregon was the Roger Haudenschild Memorial at Southern Oregon Speedway in June. Cooper looked to have another Top 5 run in the bag, but a mid race wreck destroyed the radiator and ended his night. By far the biggest race Cooper attended this season was the annual Pat and Jim Pettit Shootout at Watsonville’s Ocean Speedway. After winning his heat race on Night One, Cooper was running 2nd in the main when he caught a rut in turn 2, almost flipping the car. Then on a restart with 6 to go, Cooper lost a transmission. Ending his great run. Night Two, Cooper would again win his heat race. An unfortunate redraw meant that Cooper would be starting deep in the field. Over the course of the race, Cooper scratched and clawed his way forward to claim 3rd out of the 40 plus Sport Mods that showed up to race.


Next season, Cooper plans to run more of a “Bounty Hunter” schedule, trying to make most if not all of the big Sport Mod races on the West Coast, as opposed to running for points. Brian had this to say on a very successful 2018: “The 2018 season went well for us. Didn’t race as many big shows as we would’ve liked to but had some great runs with the new Victory Circle Chassis. Im very happy with the car.  Now that I’ve got my Silver Dollar Speedway Championship no more points racing for me. I really enjoy the sport mod class and for the most part there’s a lot of good guys to race with. Hoping to have some fun and do some traveling with them next year.”


Brian would like to thank all of his sponsors, including:

Victory Circle Chassis
Five 1 seven designs


And Supporters:

David and Rena cooper

My wife Stacey Bartlett-Cooper

Crew guy and friend Michael Sevigny

My Uncle William Fielding


Season Stats:

Starts: 20

Wins: 4

Top 5’s: 17

Top 10’s: 17

Best Finish: 1st (4 times)

Worst Finish: 18th (Pat Pettit Night 1)



March 30th: 2nd

April 20th: 1st

May 4th: 2nd

May 5th: 3rd

May 11th: 3rd

June 8th: 14th

June 15th: 1st

June 29th: 1st

July 4th: 3rd

July 13th: 2nd

August 3rd: 1st

August 24th: 3rd



March 24th: 2nd



May 19th: 3rd



Pettit Night 1: DNF after near flip

Pettit Night 2: 3rd



May 27th: 2nd

September 23rd: 3rd



June 2nd: 15th



April 14th: 2nd
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Yaeger Shows Consistent Growth in 2nd Season Despite Constant Mechanical Gremlins



Though it may have been a rough season overall, San Francisco’s Justin Yaeger showed flashes of potential numerous times throughout. 2018 was Yaeger’s first full season racing, following in the footsteps of his father, successful driver Tim Yaeger Jr.


While starting his career in the high powered IMCA Modifieds, Yaeger has began to adjust quickly. Multiple times throughout the season, Yaeger ran in or near the Top 5, just for a mechanical failure to beset a quality run, so Yaeger’s finishes aren’t completely indicative of his performance in 2018. In the final points race of the season at Petaluma, Yaeger battled throttle issues that limited him to ¼ throttle power, but finished the race to gain as many points as possible. Even with those issues, Yaeger was still able to take home 3rd in the Petaluma Speedway points standings.


Part of the learning curve in racing is testing yourself against top competition. Yaeger did this multiple times during the year, including the prestigious Pat Pettit Shootout at Watsonville’s Ocean Speedway, as well as a 2 day All Star Modified Tour event at the illustrious Calistoga Half Mile. The trip to Calistoga was Yaeger’s first time racing on high speed half mile track, and though he ran well for his first time there, he missed the main event both nights against some of the state’s top talent. Yaeger’s performance at the Pettit looked to be going much better on the first night, before a broken differential ended his night. The 2nd night, Yaeger’s hopes of making the biggest modified race came down to a 12 lap B Main. Yaeger was running well and close to a transfer position, but unfortunately he would pull off late, ending his weekend.


If Yaeger is able to build off the flashes we saw in 2018, there’s no doubt that he could be contending for wins next season. When asked about his first full season, Yaeger said “I was happy to be successful even fighting through the amount of bad luck that came my way, and learned enough to go into next season with complete confidence.”


Justin would like to thank all of his sponsors and supporters, including:

Yaeger Dental Supply
Jim Weiler Racing
Beaverstate Dental Systems
Superior Body Shop
Hair Techniques
Jim Breen – State Farm
Allen Ortiz Photography
DeCarlo Racing Products


Yaeger Season Stats:


Starts: 17

Top 10’s: 9

Best Finish: 7th (6 times)

Worst Finish: 16th (Antioch April 14th)



April 21st: 7th

May 12th: 7th

May 19th: 7th

June 2nd: 14th

June 16th: 10th

July 28th: 7th

August 11th: 7th

September 3rd: 8th



April 14th: 16th

May 5th: 12th

June 30th: 7th

August 25th: 9th

October 13th: 15th



September 13th: Missed main

September 14th: Missed main



September 28th: Broke differential

September 29th: Running well in B Main before pulling off late
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Curran Scores Biggest Win of Young Career at Pettit Shootout



After last week’s shakedown at Merced, rookie Sport Mod driver Brent Curran headed into Ocean Speedway’s Pat & Jim Pettit Shootout with some uncertainty after only racing once in the previous month. That uncertainty quickly went away, as Curran had his best weekend as a Sport Mod driver yet.


Friday didn’t start well for Curran, who’s poor heat race landed him in a B main. With his car not taking well to the wet and heavy surface, Curran was unsure if he’d even be able to transfer to the main. Luckily, the team made the right adjustments, and Curran was just able to squeak in to the last transfer spot.


By virtue of being the last car in, Curran would have to line up in 24th out of the 24 car field, with plenty of work to do to salvage a decent finish. With a few minor tweaks, the car was much better for the main event. That, along with a few breaks along the way helped Curran climb all the way up to 12th with a few laps left. In the last 2 laps, Curran was able to pass two cars ahead of him to take home a Top 10 in a race that had very few cautions.


Saturday rolled around and from the get-go, you could tell that this night would go much better than the previous.


Getting to start on the pole for his heat certainly didn’t hurt. While Chris Falkenberg was able to take the lead on the start, Curran stayed right behind him for all 8 laps, with his 2nd place finish giving him an automatic transfer to the main event.


Curran would redraw a 6 for the main event, lining him up on the outside of the third row for the 26 lap feature. It would only take Curran 5 laps to go from 6th to the lead, and he immediately went to work on growing his lead. While he was smooth sailing up front, a challenger was emerging in 18th place starter Kevin Johnson. As the laps clicked off, Johnson drew closer and closer to Curran. Curran sensed this, however, and changed his line take Johnson’s momentum away.


Johnson continued to throw everything he had at Curran. Then, after taking the white flag, Johnson appeared to take the lead from Curran, but a caution would nullify the pass. The yellow would lead to one final 2 lap dash to the finish. On the restart, Curran pulled away to an insurmountable lead, and would go on to win the big $1,006 prize, by far the biggest win of his career.


Curran had this to say on this huge win: “It’s just so unreal. I’ve asked everyone to pinch me thousands of times and have to go to bed and stare at my check on the wall to convince myself it happened. I just can’t thank my family, friends and sponsors enough for the support and the awesome pep talks before the race. I just can’t believe we went down there and beat the best of the best on a smaller budget than most and it’s just huge for all of us. Never experienced such a huge reaction either.”
Brent would like to thank all of his sponsors including:
Steel City Motorsports
Loyd Engineering
89 Design
Steadfast Construction
All Flow Muffler and Auto Repair
DRC Motorsports Media
His Wife Janelle
Father in law/Car owner Tim
Keith Brown Jr
Keith and Martie Steinmetz
Rest of the crew and family

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