Curran’s Run of Bad Luck Comes to a Close, Puts on Clinic at Antioch en route to Win



Ever since Antioch’s own Brent Curran declared his intent to chase the Antioch Speedway B Mod title, his luck on the track had fallen off the rails. 2 consecutive DNF’s later and with doubts arising, he and the team decided to take one last shot on Saturday night to see if the title was worth chasing.


The night of course started off with his heat race, where Brent started 4th. After passing Mark Garner for 3rd, Curran went to work on Todd Gomez for 2nd. Unfortunately for Curran, he ran out of laps and had to settle for 3rd.


The inversion would help Curran tremendously, as he would slot in to start on the outside of the front row for the feature. At the drop of the green flag, Curran was gone. Within 2 laps, Curran had staked out an almost straightaway’s length lead back to 2nd place.


It only took Curran 4 laps to hit lapped traffic, and once he caught them, he began maneuvering through them like a hot knife through butter. Curran was making multiple lines work while the rest of the field predominantly ran the high side. As the laps clicked off, Curran began running into heavier traffic. Though 2nd and 3rd were slowly inching closer, they couldn’t reach Curran.


With 7 laps left, the lone caution of the race came out. This would give his closest challengers one chance to contend for the win. On the ensuing restart, 2nd place runner Fred Ryland was able to keep Curran within striking distance. Ryland would look inside multiple times over the next few laps, but just could not find a way past Curran.


Curran then began pulling away again. Curran would amass a big enough lead to go on to win the race comfortably, picking up his first win in 2019 in the process.


After the race, an excited, but relieved Curran said “On Saturday, we just wanted to go to the track and have a solid finish with a straight car at the end of the night. We didn’t want to have to make the decision to run somewhere else to lighten the load on our wallets. Having a home track minutes from your house to go to every week with a solid fan base is definitely way more ideal than traveling every week. To finally end the bad streak with a win though was that much more special and huge for keeping our points run alive. To see all the smiles on my crew and families faces that know what I’ve been going through the last couple weeks was very emotional and special for me. That monkey is finally off our back and hopefully we can just keep the momentum from here.”


Brent would like to thank all of his sponsors and supporters, including:

Steel City Motorsports

Steadfast Construction

GRT Race Cars Inc.

Empire RC

89 Design

All Flow Muffler & Auto Repair

Jeff Fields (Brandit Designs)

Red Six RaceGear



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PC: Katrina Kniss


Curran Just Misses Ringing in New Year With a Win



After a highly successful rookie season in the Sport Mod class for Brent Curran, the Antioch native looks to build off an already impressive list of accomplishments heading into the 2019 season.


Curran and team would kick off the 2019 season on New Year’s Day at the Stockton Dirt Track, as some of the top drivers from across the state flocked to the 4/10ths mile oval to ring in the new year. A nice pill draw would set Curran up with a front row starting spot, and as soon as the green flag waved, he was gone. 2nd and 3rd place did all they could to reel Curran back in over the 8 lap heat race, but weren’t able to make any inroads, leading to an easy heat race win for Curran.


Curran’s pill draw luck would continue into the redraw, as Brent drew the pole position for the main event. From the drop of the green it again looked to be Brent’s race to lose. Despite a multitude of early cautions, Brent would pull away on each ensuing restart. Once the race finally settled down, Curran settled into a groove, setting the quickest lap of the race while holding a steady advantage over 2nd place runner Jason Nation.


As Curran closed in on lapped traffic, Nation slowly began closing in. Though Nation was starting to reel him in, Curran looked like he had a big enough advantage to hold on for the win, but that would all change in the last few laps. With just 2 laps to go, Curran caught up to the back of 2 lapped cars racing side by side. This slowed Curran enough for Nation to pull up to Curran’s bumper as they took the white flag. The two cars running side by side finally ran single file but Curran was left nowhere to go as Nation had pulled to his outside heading into turns 1 and 2. The two raced side by side as they headed down the backstretch, but Curran was still stuck behind lapped traffic, giving Nation the space needed to make a last lap pass for the win and forcing Curran to settle for 2nd in a race that he easily had the speed to win.


A disappointed Curran had this to say after the race: “Bitter sweet night tonight for the first race of 2019. Day started of great taking the win in the heat race. Started pole and lead the whole main till the last lap and got boxed in by a lap car. Ended up p2. I could sit here all night and think of plenty of excuses or scenarios that could’ve changed the way things turned out but bottom line is it’s racing and sometimes the cards don’t play out. Either way good start to the 2019 season and even better to spend the day with family and friends. Can’t thank the team enough for giving me a bad fast car and my sponsors for making everything possible. On to the next one.”


Brent would like to thank all of his 2019 Sponsors and Supporters, including:

Steadfast Constitution (Randy Cotton)
Steel City Motorsports (Keith and Amber Brown)
GRT Race Cars (Zach Wehlage)
All Flow Muffler and Auto Repair (Danny Larson and Jeffrey Erickson)
89 Design
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